Who are you?

My name is Rahul Yedida. I’m a graduate student at NC State University. I don’t claim to be an expert in machine learning; in fact, I’m upfront that I’m a beginner, constantly learning and trying out different algorithms and learning what makes sense when.

If you’re a beginner, how can I trust the content here?

Although I am a beginner, what I post here is what I’m confident I know is correct. Wherever possible, I attribute material I used from other sources back to where I got them. A major source is Andrew Ng’s course at Stanford University, whose contents are generously licensed under a Creative Commons license. I also try showing code demonstrations of the concepts with the outputs, so you can be assured that it really does work.

Why make yet another site for ML?

Sure, the Internet is flooded with great sites to learn machine learning. I don’t claim this to be better than others. This blog reflects my personal understanding of the concepts. When I learn online, say from a course, I like to take down notes in a book. However, after taking multiple courses and reading from multiple sites, maintaining the notes and referencing them easily has become something of a chore. If I wanted to read about an algorithm that I studied earlier, I had to flip back and forth through my notes, which slowly got a little tedious.

  Thus, I started this blog. Two primary reasons motivate this. First, I love teaching and explaining concepts. I also enjoy writing, so this is a perfect blend of the two. Second, this acts as a personal notebook that I can refer to myself, since it has the code, the intuition, and the math, all in one place.

What if I spot an error?

If you find something erroneous, please use the contact page to tell me about it, and I’ll update that post. Thanks for helping!

Can I use content from this blog?

In short, yes. All content on this blog is licensed under the same Creative Commons license used by Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE). You may review the link to the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license for full details.